Cafe Katzentempel – first catcafe in Germany

Cafe Katzentempel

Dear cat lover,

Meow and a warm welcome at Café Katzentempel in Munich.

At our café, the first catcafé in Germany, you can not only enjoy the presence of our six amazing cats, but also enjoy a leisurely breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Or you simply come by for a piece of our homemade cakes and a cup of delicious fair trade coffee.

The Katzentempel cats come on first spot – our velvet-pawed friends have various climbing opportunities and can enjoy full-time employment playing or cuddling with guests. Definitely, neither our guest nor our cats will get bored. But, most importantly, the cats can always withdraw to a private catroom  or simply rise a few levels up, from where they can observe the hustle and bustle going on below.
We especially care about conveying animal welfare themes at the Katzentempel . Thus, we only serve plant-based food (with the exception of organic cow milk as an alternative to various plant-based milks), which we prepare  with a lot of love in the Katzentempel kitchen. Furthermore, all our cats are rescued cats from an animal shelter east of Munich and guests have access to literature about animal welfare issues.
The owners of Café Katzentempel, Thomas Leidner und Kathrin Karl, are both career changers. Thomas was a broker and Kathrin did a PhD in biochemistry. Both were not happy with there former professions and do now fulfill a life dream with their vegan-vegetarian cat café.  They also plan to open more Café Katzentempel in other german cities and looking currently for interested licensees. If you are interested or have any further question, Thomas and Kathrin are happy to answer you – just write an email!



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You find us at

Türkenstr. 29
80799 München
Map and Contact

We are open

Mo- Fr: 11–20
Sa: 10–20
So: 10–18
Holidays: 10–18


We and our little tigers are looking forward welcoming you at our place. Please be so kind to reserve a table, especially on weekends.


Ayla, Balou, Gizmo, Jack, Robin und Saphira are all rescued cats and found a new home at Café Katzentempel. Apart from this common feature, they have quite different and unique characters. This makes them, and cats in general, so special and adorable!

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If you want to find out more about the Tempelcats, you can check out there individual pages (unfortunately only in german so far). 



At Café Katzentempel, nearly everything is homemade – from our daily baked  bread (spelt flour), to spreads, seitan, burger, soup to applevanillasauce and cakes. We put a lot of love in our food and are really happy if our guest enjoy it. Convenience Food ist out of question and we try to use as far as possible organic, regional and sustainable ingredients.

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Let yourself be enchanted not only by our lovely cats but also by our delicious food!